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e-Commerce, or selling products online, can be a complicated business.


Whether you want a standard online catalogue or a complicated bespoke development, Fairhill has a lot of experience working with clients to drive traffic to their site, optimising the buying experience and ultimately increasing sales for companies.


We use an ASP.NET specialist e-commerce content management system (CMS), giving you the ability to manage your products, advertise them online and provide the back-end system for managing the delivery process.


The ecommerce system is called nopCommerce, and we're very proud to be associated with such a forward thinking product. We have tried and tested this product, which means we can recommend it with confidence to you.


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We integrate our e-Commerce sites with PayPal, Google and a number of credit card companies as standard. The fantastic thing about e-Commerce sites (for us and the client) is that the launch of the site is just the beginning of the journey.