About Us

Fairhill Online: Innovative But Friendly!


We love technology... sad isn't it? But don't worry, we know not everyone does!

Whether you're a techno-geek or a technophobe we can work with you to give you a great presence online.


Lead by co-founders Phil Stephens and Andy Smith, we pride ourselves on creating great products and solutions for our clients. What means even more to us is that you are proud of what we do for you.


Every company is different, and as a result every solution we provide is bespoke to our client. Take a look at the work we've done. You will see no two jobs are the same. For some it's all about Social Media; for others it's a website. We have even turned businesses on their head, leaving the owner to question whether they any longer need a traditional shop front as the traffic and business generated by us has dwarfed their 'traditional' business.

Unit 23B
Taff Business Centre
Tonteg Road
CF37 5UA